Calls this emergency that never was
“an invasion”
…of drugs
…of gangs.

The real invasion
Was funded by the sale of tobacco and sugar
And still defends itself
With a “well-regulated militia”.

The real invasion
Spent 100 years staggering to the 21st Amendment
Never sober enough to end lynching.

The real invasion
Labeled crack as whack and made cocaine chic.

The real invasion
Graduated generations of black and brown people,
From chains to cages
And rewarded Ivy League white boys with wealthy legacies
For raping the economy
And co-eds.

The real invasion,
Some 500+ years on,
Continues to cut a swath of disease
Manifesting as physical addiction
Moral self-righteousness,
And religious bigotry.

The real invasion
Then as it does now,
Enables brutal, greedy and fearful mobs
To see themselves as immortal gods
Whose only true power
Is the ability to ignore death in their wake.


Trump’s Speech Declaring a National Emergency

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