Warren_2020_logo_01The night before Super Tuesday, Joe Biden wracked up a series of endorsements of former opponents that is remarkable.  Each one of them spoke to the return to civility and the reclaiming of the moral high ground that is absolutely necessary in our political world right now.  They also spoke of his proven track record and his crucial role in some of the best things to come from the Obama administration.  They mostly made the case that what he brings from decades in the field is significantly safer than Senator Bernie Sanders, claiming that there is no need to go to extremes.

Bernie Sanders on the other hand spoke to a frenzied crowd that demonstrated the passion and the absolute dedication of those who have been following his campaign and who will propel him forward.  His surrogates spoke of revolution; they spoke of displaced everyday people; they spoke of the way he has championed the unpopular ideas that would benefit the largest populations of marginalized and vulnerable people in this country.  They spoke of dismantling systems of oppression which absolutely must happen.  They spoke of a new era in politics.

But I don’t want to go back to what we had before…what we had before gave birth to Donald Trump.

And I don’t actually want a revolution…I want a real world solution.

I’m not looking backward and I won’t stare into the sun.

I’m moving into the warm light of a new day and voting for Elizabeth Warren.

Whoever you support…VOTE!


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