Just a Reminder…


In case you forgot…

– The only thing Donald Trump has actually been successful at is being a celebrity.

– Reality TV is scripted.

– Trump and our government are just reading the lines that are written in the Constitution.


– The hatred of Obama by many Americans for representing both black and liberal success is real and is a sentiment held by a significant number of people in our government on both sides of the aisle.

– The struggles of poor whites in this country are entirely different than those experienced by blacks and specific Latnix cultures.  They are no less important…just entirely different.

– Our government actively killed the Native people of this land, and dismisses this genocide as “another time.”  It expresses no shame or or regret for this.

– Successful migration into the United States has always been measured by assimilation potential and a proximity to white Protestantism.

– The United States has never known how to perceive Islam and as a result has always either defaulted to fetish or fear.

– “Make America Great Again” as a slogan is an insult to every leader who preceded it, but none of them seems willing to call this out.

– Asia is the most populous and most culturally and ethnically diverse set of regions on the planet.  We have no language in American English to comprehend this and no rational approach to it as a nation.  America has always been too lazy and self centered to make the effort to get it right.

– The continent of Africa continues to stew in the poison residue left from the height of European colonialism.  The United States is a product of that exact same colonialism.

– There are actual human women in the United States who voted for Donald Trump BECAUSE of the kind of women he cultivates around him and not despite them.

So, with this in mind, the question isn’t how are we supposed to survive Donald Trump; The question is what do we do with the fact that he is a perfectly logical progression in the American experiment?

This won’t be solved until we wake up from the American Dream.


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