imageSo, after looking at the potential impact of the 2015 Academy Award Broadcast, I’m putting out a simple call to action:  TUNE OUT.  If we really want to see changes in diversity in entertainment, we have the power to make our voices heard.  Despite some beautiful and impressive work among the filmmakers represented, the true diversity of this industry is not represented by those who are honored by its highest award.  We’ve tried making up our own awards and creating standards outside of the dominant culture, but the real statement would be to let sponsors, the Academy and the world know that we have no interest in only seeing white stories.  Again, the work that is represented this year is impressive and the stories are rich.  But they don’t represent the full breadth of voices in the creative arts by a long stretch.  please consider joining me and TUNE OUT from the Academy Awards.





  1. I don’t watch the Oscars anyway. The San Diego Black Film Festival (sdbff.org) had a great range of films. I saw one of the documentary packages. Many films had been shown at international film festivals such as Cannes.

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