What I’m Reading…

There’s a ton of good stuff out there right now.  I guess that’s what happens in crisis…

Books/ Articles

Winter 2018

White Fragility – Robin DiAngelo (Book coming June 2018)

Fall 2017

Beyond the Messy Truth – Van Jones

Race Matters – Cornel West

Success and Luck – Robert Frank

Waking Up White – Debby Irving

The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump – Bandy Lee

Race, Class and Marxism – David Roediger

We Were Eight Years in Power – Ta-Nahesi Coates

What Happened – Hillary Clinton


Nice Girls Don’t Change the World

The Velvet RageAlan Downs

The Emperor Has a BodyS. Elise Peeples


Believe Out Loud



The Root

Blogs by my Friends

Living Water(town) – Amy McCreath

Hold Fast to What is Good – Beth Merrill Neel

Lisa W. Rosenberg: Writings on Body Image and Identity

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