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Donald Trump is not a racist. Donald Trump is the love child that results from the orgy of Reaganomics, the 1994 Crime Bill, Clarence Thomas, Citizens United and the century-long defeat of anti-lynching legislation. Mitch McConnell is the midwife.

Donald Trump is not a bigot.  Donald Trump is unworldly and ignorant about race, ethnicity, colonial history, human nature and most of all, he is ignorant about himself (see: “A very stable genius”).

Donald Trump is not a misogynist. Donald Trump is what happens when “boys will be boys” is given a budget.

Donald Trump is not a xenophobe. Donald Trump is the convulsion of a scarcity mentality that has spent years using billions of dollars of other people’s money like steroids because he has no natural talent for earning his own.

Donald Trump is not a billionaire.

Donald Trump is not a liar.  Donald Trump is the poster child of entitlement who will always believe he has a right to be first, a right to win, a right to be the only one heard and a right to be right.

Donald Trump is not the cause…he is the result.  Like a rash, he is only a symptom.

Marianne Williamson is correct when she says ‘wonkiness’ will not win the 2020 election:

But love alone will not win either.

The 2020 election will be won by the person who meets ALL people where they are (or where they would like to see themselves.)

The 2020 election will be won by the person who speaks to people in the clearest voice, (or the tone of voice they wish they could use.)

The 2020 election will be won by the person who motivates people in ways they can’t or are too tired, angry, hopeless, etc. to motivate themselves.

Trump succeeds because he always speaks to the child in people that cries, “I want it now!”  It is the only language in which he is truly fluent: International Brat.  He speaks to the most volatile emotion…pride.  He uses the most vulnerable part of the human personality…ego; and he activates the lizard brain through simplicity.

Pride, ego, simplicity. Result.

The only solution is using this same basic equation (without the negative, violent and destructive spin) to make the Trump Show a one season fluke with no hope of syndication.

Only then can we tackle the greater task of transforming our government back into a government.  Four years is more than enough of this very, very bad television program.

Remember and Wake Up

Remember…The United States was founded on the premise of wanting independence from European powers.  It was not a question of dominance, but rather a question of autonomy, self-determination and intentional isolation.  We didn’t enter WWI until the final year of armed conflict and it took the attack on our ships in Hawaii (not Hawaii itself or other Pacific islands) for us to enter WWII.

Remember…The founding fathers of the US chose protecting their financial futures over the basic humanity of specific people; they wrote this into our founding documents.

Remember…The narrative that seeks to portray African Americans as non-human has been alive in media, educational materials, popular song, slogans and our language since Africans and Europeans started co-existing on this land. The continued violence of the word “nigger” is based on this dehumanization.

Remember…Immigration of non-Anglo Europeans (specifically Catholics) was regarded as a mortal threat to the “integrity” of the United States for well over 100 years and still resonates in the cultural segregation of our cities.  We have still only elected one non-Protestant president…and we killed him.

Remember…Native “Americans” were here first and had thriving cultures that included systems of trade, spirituality, justice, agriculture, government, etc.  European settlers could only see them as “savage” because of the color of their skin and sought to eradicate them.

Remember…The 1924 Immigration Act was heavily influenced by the Eugenics Movement to avoid the importation of “inferior stock” to the US.  Largely promoted to limit the procreation of mental and physical disability, forced sterilization and other eugenic techniques were later adopted by the Nazis.

Remember…Women haven’t yet had the vote for 100 years and men are still in overdrive legislating their bodies as if women are chattel.

“Those who cannot remember the past, are condemned to repeat it” – George Santayana

Donald Trump is not a failure or an anomaly.  He is the full manifestation of the goals of the systems that we have woefully accepted as “American”.  If we truly want to deal with the challenges he presents to all but the most narrow-minded interpreters of the United States’ history, more of us have to be willing to completely re-write the book.  This means our work is not to “fight” or “resist” him and his supporters.  Our work is to birth a reality in which the virus he represents cannot survive.  The work is not explicitly anti-capitalist, but it seeks to de-colonize the mechanisms and markers of capitalist success.  The work is not anti-white, but it does not default to whiteness as a norm or automatically place white/Euro priorities at the center.  The work is not anti-man, but it demands that manhood and maleness accepts its place in a spectrum of sexuality, gender identity and orientation as an equal and not as a final word.

Donald Trump is the culmination of the American Dream; it is time to wake the f*ck up.


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