Daily Affirmations

The following is a collection of affirmations rooted in the elements of embodiment: birth, death, thought, time, action, earth and love

12/31/17 – Each birth brings into the world equal parts joy and pain.  The challenge of being human requires us to hold both with our palms open. (birth)

1/1/18 – Death is unapologetic and unforgiving but as much a part of life as taking a first breath. (death)

1/2/18 – The human mind is uniquely powerful; mostly because of its capacity to be conscious of itself. (thought)

1/3/18 – Time is our mind’s way of giving us context for being and being finite. Time cannot be wasted. (time)

1/4/18 – What you do in the world will always reflect your priorities around ‘being’ in the world. (action)

1/5/18 – We get many chances to “live” and “be” in countless different ways, but we’ve only got one earth. (earth)