Can “Wild Goose” Be Reborn?

On Route 25 from Knoxville, TN to Hot Springs, NC

When Amy Hayes, from Baptist News Global asked to speak to me about the Wild Goose Festival, I was initially hesitant.  I had just begun a leave from church work (which I am currently still on), in part to regroup from having had to do intense professional and personal race work on top of managing the pandemic with my congregation since March 2020.  But when I look at the resulting article, I’m proud to have been included. This piece affirms a call for rebirth and reimagining that many people of color who work with predominantly or historically white organizations are often left to shout alone into the hurricane of white supremacy.  The message here travels far beyond “the Goose.”

I will let the article and the voices of Amy Hayes, Mike Morrell, Kenji Kuramitsu, Alicia T. Crosby and my dear friend Joy Carroll Wallis speak for themselves.


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Religious Equity…A Path to Greater LGBTQ Inclusion

I am excited to share my most recent writing as it appears in the Harvard Kennedy School LGBTQ Policy Journal: Religious Equity – A Path to Greater LGBTQ Inclusion.  My piece begins on page 31 of the journal.  This journal is full of great thinking and writing, I encourage you to check out the entire issue!

LGBTQ Policy Journal

“By acknowledging that all parties concerned have a valid religious or faith identity, even if that identity is non-religious, there is no longer a question of one religion being able to take precedence over another.” – Rev. Adam Lawrence Dyer

Presenting the Harvard Kennedy School LGBTQ Policy Journal Vol. 11