Religious Equity…A Path to Greater LGBTQ Inclusion

I am excited to share my most recent writing as it appears in the Harvard Kennedy School LGBTQ Policy Journal: Religious Equity – A Path to Greater LGBTQ Inclusion.  My piece begins on page 31 of the journal.  This journal is full of great thinking and writing, I encourage you to check out the entire issue!

LGBTQ Policy Journal

“By acknowledging that all parties concerned have a valid religious or faith identity, even if that identity is non-religious, there is no longer a question of one religion being able to take precedence over another.” – Rev. Adam Lawrence Dyer

Presenting the Harvard Kennedy School LGBTQ Policy Journal Vol. 11


What is reparations to me?
It is not financial
It is not legislative
It is not policy based or retro-fit in any way.
Those answers
Accept as truth
The systems that created and continue the harm.
Those answers are the master’s tools.

Reparations to me is a new constitution.

A declaration that is not built on
Deliberate anti-black and anti-indigenous violence.

A governing document that does not merely tolerate
But celebrates all gender, sex and sexuality as the completion of humankind.

A public agreement that requires that mental, physical and emotional disability
Are not segregated, demeaned or erased by either intent, ignorance or shame.

A statement of universal affirmation for spirituality
Especially if that affirmation is of no spirituality at all.

Reparations for me would be this and so much more.

Reparations is a new constitution
That may not be called constitution
Or even covenant
But rather invitation
To wholeness, to aliveness
To life.

What is reparations to me?
It is a future that is only possible
Without the historical apparition
Or the exclusive tangible presence
Of whiteness
assumed able-bodied-ness
or Christian-ness
etched on fading parchment
blocking the way.


Image by anncapictures from Pixabay